About Four 8 Movement I believe health and fitness is for everyone! #functionalfitness #terrigal #personaltraining #nobull

♬ Love Of My Life – Metrow Ar

Sav grew up competing in gymnastics as well as being active in outdoor activities. She has always had a passion for coaching and physical fitness.

Through university and during her travels, she found functional fitness. Sav saw how effective it was for her and others around her in improving overall health. This fuelled her enthusiasm for functional fitness. She quickly got involved with coaching in gyms around the world.

After coaching in three countries, Sav wants to help individuals get fit and healthy. This is so they can have their desired lifestyle. Whether that is being able to play with your kids and grandkids, lose weight, meet other health goals, or just generally improve your quality of life. She believes fitness and nutrition can improve everyone’s quality of life, no matter what stage of life they are in.


Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration and Coaching
CrossFit L1 Trainer
CrossFit L2 Trainer
Certificate IV in Fitness
Certificate III in Fitness

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